Pest control

This business unit has a qualified Pest Control Operator, we wish to acknowledge that the Pest Control industry is not regulated in Lesotho, however, we would like to give the assurance that Tlhoeko Consultants models its operations to those stipulated by South African Pest Control Services Industry Board which advocates for Integrated Pests Management (IPM), which is a way to control pests without relying solely on pesticides. It involves taking action to anticipate pest’s outbreaks and to prevent potential damage. IPM programs are site specific and are based on the identification of pests, accurate measurement of pest’s populations, assessment of damage levels, and knowledge of available pest management strategies and tactics that enable the specialist to make intelligent decisions about control.

We believe that our unparalleled expertise & experience in pest control in Lesotho is arguably the reason that Tlhoeko has been appointed as the sole service provider for the on-going multi-million pest control contract with Lesotho Millennium Development Agency (LMDA) and Ministry of Health to control occurrence of pest’s infestation within all health centers in Lesotho and make recommendations for appropriate measures to be taken to maintain pest/disease vector free environment.